‘The Kerala Story’ Movie Review: Adah Sharma’s Film Is A Fantastic Guide On What Not To Do When Someone’s Brainwashing You

Muslim woman narrates her ordeal of how she once wanted to become a nurse but was brainwashed and manipulated by religious vanguards, turned into an ISIS terrorist and sent on her way to Syria.

She tells her ordeal after she landed in an Afghanistan jail. Not just her, a few of her friends also faced similar ordeals from religious xenophobics, and all faced different fates.

one committed suicide, one was raped brutally and continually that too when she was unconscious. Will there be justice for these women?

The good part about the character was how nicely she imbibed the nuances of a young girl who’s just gone out to college being very naïve about the world, and slowly and steadily how she gets brainwashed into becoming a terrorist.

on the one hand, you will love Adah Sharma’s character, you’re bound to hate Sonia Balani to the core – and that’s a great achievement for an actor. She plays the character of the Muslim girl in the group, who’s trying to brainwash her roommates.

Suryapal Singh, Sudipto Sen and Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s writing is pretty much the saddest thing about ‘The Kerala Story’. It’s not that the writing isn’t thrilling enough for a story, but it’s flawed in its outlook.

Prasantanu Mohapatra’s cinematography was praiseworthy. The way he used the overhead drone shots made along with the exotic locations of the middle east, made the story come alive.

He managed to give those shots a very Hollywoodish touch, and seeing those scenes you wouldn’t feel for a minute that it’s a Bollywood film and not something that’s coming from the West.

Sanjay Sharma’s editing was decent. He managed to showcase the story in a back-and-forth manner, keeping the viewers hooked on what was going to happen in each timeline